We are a group of designers, architects and thinkers and we operate within architecture, research and development and urban-ism fields. At the moment, our office is involved in large amounts of projects all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Our architecture is premised on a careful analysis of the manner in which contemporary life is constantly evolving and changing.

Not least as a result of the effects of multi-cultural exchange, communication technologies and global economic flows that together require new ways of organizing architecture and the urban centers.

Our belief is that for us to effectively deal with most challenges of today, architecture can move profitably into a largely unexplored field. Just as a kind of programmatic alchemy, we aim to create architecture through mixing ingredients like leisure, living, working, shopping and parking.

We architects, once again, find that by hitting the rich overlap between utopia and pragmatism, we get the freedom to alter our planet’s surface so that it can better fit the contemporary life forms.