We realize that hospitality industry is the one place where experience matters a lot. Right from the hotel entrance to the restaurant as well as the glimpse when you walk out of the door, every element and every interaction contribute to the larger picture of brand and people that it is meant to attract. That is why we are focused on the two things that matter most: brand and people.


We tap into our unparalleled technical resources to manage your risk and also integrate amenities that generate revenues. Our designs outperform expectations, implement innovative entitlement strategies and leverage the mixed-use opportunities. In order to maximize the potential of our client’s property, we think like them.

Graphic design

We understand the critical role that graphic design plays. Being part of architecture team, we express the unique personality of your brand and also ensure that it communicates in all dimensions. We understand that when designed with same strategic objective, every element will communicate with one voice. The rich design clarity from a mixture of creative viewpoints gives measurable returns.

Program management

Our designs outpace the industry standards for rapid expansion, new market penetration as well as speed-to-market. We fully understand that a prototype is successful only if its distinctive application on-site is able to uphold brand integrity and at the same time improve profitability.

Master Planning

It is our belief that the best master planning starts with architecture. There are many advantages of using an architectural mindset to approach master planning. We create a place that has specific objectives, not putting in place a master plan into which buildings must fit. We will align your business goals with the branding requirements. We ensure to balance developer, community as well as municipality needs.


We draw great value from our close connection with the retail industry. It is this connection that provides us with a distinctive comprehension of cultural detail which other companies typically misinterpret or misunderstand. Because of our thorough understanding of the importance of culture and brand, we have a unique perspective as well as advantage when designing effective and innovative office environments.


In order to keep up with constant change, rising operating costs and shrinking reimbursements, healthcare facilities require every edge. We approach healthcare from the business standpoint that is premised on operational expertise and evidence-based design. This makes our designs to improve our clients’ quality of care as well as boost the satisfaction of care team and patients.